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In this lesson, you’ll learn the following points:

  • Greetings
  • Ask and answer your name
  • Recognize and use some some basic pronouns


Conversation A: Minh and Anna just meets the first time.

MChào chị.Hello.
AChào anh. Anh tên là gì?Hello. What’s your name?
MTôi tên là Minh. Rất vui được gặp chị.My name is Minh. Nice to meet you.
ATôi tên là Anna. Rất vui được gặp anhMy name is Anna. Very nice to meet you.

Conversation B: Lan and Anna already knew each other. They see each other after a long time.

AChào Lan. Lâu rồi không gặp. Bạn khoẻ không?Hi LAN. Long time no see. How are you?
LMình khoẻ. Còn bạn thì sao?I’m good. How about you?
AMình cũng khoẻ.I’m fine too.
LHẹn gặp lạiSee you again
ABái baiBye


Below is the vocabulary for this lesson.

xin chàohello
tôiI (me)
khoẻgood (healthy)
khôngno, zero, yes/no question
cảm ơnthank you
Hẹn gặp lạisee you again


Use “chào” to greet someone

Chào means both hello and goodbye. It is followed by a name or a term ot address or both.

For example:

  • Chào chị.
  • Chào anh Andrew.

Question word “gì”

You can use the question word “gì” to a question.

The question word “gì” is always placed at the end of the sentence.

For example, to ask someone’s name:

Bạn tên gì?


Practice your vocabulary!


Xin chào


Question 1/3

Choose the correct translation: 'What is your name?'