How to ask and answer 'How are you' in Vietnamese

In this lesson, we’ll learn when and how to ask How are you in Vietnamese.

I. If you meet that person regularly

Do you know that Vietnamese don’t usually ask How are you as a greeting?

While people still ask Bạn khoẻ không?, they use it when they haven’t meet that person for a while.

Instead, you can use Chào + name/ pronounce to greet someone.

II. If you haven’t meet them for a while

There are a few ways to ask about the current situations. For example:

  • Dạo này bạn thế nào?: How are you lately?
  • Dạo này bạn sao rồi?: How are you doing lately?
  • Bạn tốt chứ?: Are you doing well?
  • Công việc bạn thế nào?: How is your jobs?
  • Gia đình bạn thế nào?: How is your family?

You can change between thế nào and sao rồi and the meaning is still the same.

III. How to reply to How are you?

To reply, you can use:

  • Vẫn bình thường: Still normal
  • Vẫn tốt: Still good
  • Vẫn khoẻ: Still healthy/ good
  • Vẫn vậy: Still the same
  • Không tốt lắm: Not good
  • Bận lắm: Very busy

IV. To ask back

To ask back, you can use the expression còn + pronoun.

  • Còn bạn thì sao?: How about you?
  • Còn bạn?: And you?

V. Example conversation

A: Lâu rồi không gặp. Dạo này bạn thế nào? B: Mình vẫn khoẻ. Còn bạn? A: Mình cũng vậy.

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