Time of the day in Vietnamese + Pronunciation

What is morning, evening and afternoon in Vietnamese?

In this lesson, you’ll learn the vocabulary describing the time of day. Let’s start!

I. Sunrise - Bình minh

Dawn is called bình minh in Vietnamese. It usually starts at 4 a.m or 5 a.m, depending on if it is summer or winter.

If you visit beach destinations such as Phu Quoc island, don’t forget to wake up early to ngắm mặt trời mọc, meaning watch the sunrise.

II. Morning - Buổi sáng

Good morning - or Chào buổi sáng!

It’s a common greetings in the morning, usually from 6 am to 10 am.

Buổi sáng is my favorite time of the day. What to do in the morning? - Làm gì vào buổi sáng?

Here are some morning activities:

  • Thức dậy
  • Đánh răng
  • Rửa mặt

Can you translate them? If not check out the vocabulary list at the end.

III. Noon - Buổi Trưa

So now the clock points at 11 am, it’s starting to be noontime.

Buổi trưa is a Vietnamese word for noon. Vietnamese people usually eat their lunch at 11 am to 1 pm, and take a nap.

Lunch activities:

  • Ăn trưa
  • Ngủ trưa

IV. Midday - Giữa trưa

Giữa means middle, and trưa means noon. So, the combination of giữa trưa means the middle of the noon, which is 12 p.m - midday.

V. Afternoon - Buổi Chiều

The afternoon starts from 1 pm to about 5 pm or 6 pm in Vietnam, just before it gets dark.

You can use buổi chiều or chiều to say about afternoon.


  • Buổi chiều mình hay đi bộ.: I usually walk in the afternoon.
  • Lan đạp xe về nhà vào buổi chiều.: Lan ride her bike back home in the afternoon.

VI. Sunset - Hoàng Hôn, Chạng Vạng

It’s common to use hoàng hôn to describe sunset or dusk in vietnamese. You can say ngắm hoàng hôn to describe watching the sunset.

VII. Evening - Buổi tối

The evening is between 6 pm to 10 pm, or even till midnight. Tối literally means dark, and you can say buổi tối or tối to describe evening.

VIII. Night - Đêm

From 10 pm till 4 am next day, you can use buổi đêm or đêm.

If you want to say late night, you can say khuya or đêm khuya.

Activities words for nightlife:

  • Xem phim
  • Đi bar
  • Hát karaoke
  • Ngủ

Midnight - Nửa Đêm

Nửa is half, and đêm is night, so nửa đêm is midnight. Isn’t it easy to remember?

Daytime - Ban Ngày

To say daytime period, you can use ban ngày. The phrase is not specific, but can use whenever there’s sunlight.

Nighttime - Đêm, Ban Đêm

Ban đêm, or đêm means nighttime.


  • Lan thường ngắm trăng ban đêm
  • Không chỉ ban ngày mà lẫn về đêm, Sài Gòn chưa bao giờ ngủ.
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