How to ask What time is it in Vietnamese

Do you know how to say the time in Vietnamese?

In this chapter, you will learn how to tell the time in Vietnamese.

I. Hour systems

There are two systems in Vietnam: 12-hour system and 24-hour system.

If you use 12-hour system, it’s necessary to add sáng (a.m) and chiều (p.m) after saying the hour.

If you use 24-hour system, it’ll be 13, 14,… from noon.

You can follow this formula: hour (number) + giờ + minute (number) + phút

For xample:

  • 8:45 = 8 giờ 45 phút
  • 17:27 = 17 giờ 27 phút

II. How to ask time in Vietnamese

There are a few ways to ask what time it is.

What time is it?

  • Bây giờ là mấy giờ?
  • Mấy giờ rồi?

Answers: Bây giờ là 10 giờ sáng.

III. How to say time in Vietnamese

1. Approximately

You can use “hours + giờ hơn” when you do not want to say exactly.

For example: 6 giờ hơn: it’s about 6.

2. Exact time

When you need to say an exact time, you can follow this formula:

hour (number) + **giờ** + minute (number) + **phút**

For example: 9 giờ 12 phút: 9:12

If the number of minutes is 5, 10, or even you don’t need to say “phút” and people still understand.

For example:

  • 9 giờ 10 sáng: 9:10 am
  • 6 giờ 15 chiều: 6:15 pm

3. Half:

To say, for example, 10:30, we add “rưỡi” after 10.

10 giờ rưỡi: 10:30

4. To

From 31 to 69 minutes, we can use “kém” as “to”

  • 6 giờ 45 = 7 giờ kém 15 (6:45): It’s quarter to seven.
  • 10 giờ 55 = 11 giờ kém 5: It’s five to eleven.
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